A bit of insight into my travels and the places that continue to inspire me as an artist.

Mighty Saint Lawrence

Yet another amazing adventure with Adventure Canada, this time aboard the Ocean Endeavour; a 6 deck, 124 crew and 199 passenger ship, as we discovered…. built in the Szczecin Stockyard, Poland.


We departed from Quebec city on june 1st, and made our way up and down the Saguenay Fjord, the mouth of the Saguenay, a playground displaying amongst others, the endangered beluga whales.

The first stop was at the confluence of the Saguenay and Saint Lawrence rivers; the Quebec village of Tadoussac.  Established at an Innu settlement, it was France’s first trading post on the mainland of New France. With its whaling centre and Chauvin’s first fur trading post, it is a picturesque  town…even in the fog.


Next….the south coast of the Lower Saint Lawrence; the famed Reford Gardens. Despite the very few flowers blooming at this time of the year, the serene gardens are were still beautiful.


Further up the Saint Lawrence, we disembarked at Gaspé Peninsula Forillon National Park, where we were greeted by fog; a lot of fog. As we hiked the 7.8km loop towards the top of Mont St. Alban the fog got so thick that the view from the top of the observation tower was a milky mass in every direction.


Onwards to Percé Rock and Bonaventure National Park where the largest colony of 50,000 pairs of gannets can be found. And they were…found…on every ledge of the rock!

Bonaventure Island

A kids zodiac around Percé Rock and a whale sighting for the excited kids made Alexander’s day.

Perce Rock

Next stop was rainy PEI….but the rain made the sand look especially red, so we enjoyed the colour and ignored the weather!


Nova Scotia: an amazing hike along the picturesque Skyline trail in Cape Breton Highland National Park, with views of the Cabot trail and the sea and an occasional surfacing whale.

skywalk trail

Skyline Trail

And more fog on day 8, and a tropical storm bypassing Ile de Madelaine, towards St. Pierre.

fog on the St. Lawrence

Ile de Sein or Sailor’s Island was another stunning foggy stop. This 1 km long island belonging to St.Pierre and Miquelon once inhabited, now lies deserted a few km off shore with its little colourful houses scattered all over.

Sailor Island

Cemetery on Sailors' Island

The French island of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, with its population of 6000, and 5000 cars, lies about 700km south off the coast of Newfoundland. Yet another picturesque town, and this time we had sun!!

Saint Pierre

Coming up to the Narrows we were greeted by sun, an iceberg, and a spec with a green hat…Sean.



And finished the trip off with a beautiful hike on my favourite part of the east coast trail in Pouch Cove.

Pouch Cove


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