August, 2013

Newfoundland 2013

Going out to Newfoundland for this year’s show titled Anchor, was yet another amazing and inspiring trip out east. Starting with a great write up in The Telegram , and a successful show, it was followed by unbelievable weather throughout the week…. almost too beautiful; sunny and bright; perfect for hiking. Not quite the moody, foggy landscape that draws me to Newfoundland, but inspiring nevertheless. We visited old friends and met some more wonderful people.

James Baird Gallery in Pouch Cove, NF

The Factory - East Coast Trail

Alexander and I stayed at “The Factory” once again; a former cod liver oil factory with the press still in the basement.

We started our hikes on the east coast trail right from our yard, picking blueberries and chanterelles on the way of course, since it was august, and even had a first run in with a moose on one of the inland trails, Finally, after twelve years of coming to Newfoundland I got to see a moose, snap an unfocused photo and turn right around and leave, abandoning our path.

east coast trail


Benoir Lake

This august took us to yet another cottage, this time on Benoir Lake, on the southern edge of Algonquin park. The mornings greeted us with beautiful mist rising over the water, while the were afternoons with warming sun.

One of the hikes was a gorgeous walk; the trail following an old road through a Red Pine plantation, then becoming a footpath and a bit of a scramble to a rock point north of High Falls. From the end of the trail we had a view of the top of the rapids upstream of High Falls as well as a view downstream towards the falls… and of course a treasure hunt.

…and our collection of treasures grew.