In my blog I try to give a bit of insight into how my love for discovering new places over the years has done so and continues to affect me as an artist... and how my reflections upon returning to the studio affects the way I experience future travels.


After 20 years I returned to Kuwait, to the place that was my home from the age of nine until seventeen.
I visited my old highschool, K.E.S. (Kuwait English School). It was a complete time warp but a lot of fond memories came rushing back as I  walked the, what now seemed like tiny hallways, with my son Alexander.

Mrs. Muhmood, the principal greeted me recognizing me from years back, and showed me the new building which now houses the art department… not the single art classroom I remember.

The sand covered square I used to walk to school over is now a park which my father designed. The city is a lot greener and the sea front area developed to the point of non recognition but the ochre colors of the sand storms remain distinct, the ocean salty and warm and the Mullah’s call to prayer every four hours still echo through the city bringing me back to my fond childhood years in the Middle East.

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