In my blog I try to give a bit of insight into how my love for discovering new places over the years has done so and continues to affect me as an artist... and how my reflections upon returning to the studio affects the way I experience future travels.


This fall I discovered four beautiful parks in Quebec: Jacques-Cartier National Parc, Grands-Jardins National Park, Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Riviere-Mallbaie National Park and Parc Marin du Saguenay, and the controlled ZEC territories during hunting season.

Each one quite different and stunning; Jacques-Cartier with its winding rivers,  Grands-Jardins with its colorful expanses of burnt forest, Hautes-Gorges vistas from high up elevations and winds that almost blew me off the mountain, Saquenay with its gorgeous fjord. I did a number of small vista paintings based on this trip, in preparation for a larger format, along with a whole body of fall paintings which I exhibited at Canada House Gallery in 2008.


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